A South African Sculpture Garden

The garden has always been a place of stone and soil. Either because the earth is riddled with the annoyance of large mineral presences needing to be removed or with which one must compose. But also because stone may have been invited into the garden sanctuary.

A casual stroll through the history of garden design materialises this observation : marble folies, fountains, intricately laid mosaic paths, and sculpture. Weeping angels or impish cupids, bereft lovers and unwillingly ravished damsels. Figures from the mythical european cannon, standing silently next to biblical personifications of grace and faith and passion.

Justin Dingwall is a photographer who illuminates the beauty of a perceived handicap: albino-ism.  In many countries on the African continent, the albino is feared and revered. Potent magical forces are attributed to the albino, making his or her body the site of cruel and dangerous events.

I simply wanted to share my admiration for this startling portfolio of work. Sculpture, photography, myth…bring us again back to the sanctuary of  the garden.