And Also the Trees

Landscape was a recurring thematic of the English Romantic poets.

Their contemporary post punk gothic tribute comes in the shape of a group of musicians who have been making music for thirty years. Produced by the Cure in their early days, And Also the Trees (aatt) have given us impentrably beautiful lyrics through the hollow and haunting deep voice of their lead singer Simon Huw Jones.

My face is here where the moonlight wanders And the periwinkle grows I can hear the rooks in their light sleep crow/My face is here in the stone wave Hidden in the ditches and the holloways With the pebbles beneath my feet Shining softly like dying stars And the dogs bark far from here/My face is here in the maelstrom My fossil bones juting out into the night air And the insects, sacred whirling through my green black life-riddled hair/My head blows in the wake of plunder obscene A ghost wildness of pollen and seeds
lyrics from BLOODLINE


The group is still distilling melancholy and commorating ruin with skeletal and plaintiff mandoline type sounds as their recent concert in Paris demonstrated.


And if that doesn’t convince you of their leaning towards the landscape arts, maybe their album art might.