Pieta/Happy Holidays

(This post’s featured  b/w photo is Renee Cox’s, Yo Mama’s Pieta (1996)

The American Pieta tradition has given us such works as those below. The removing of the body of the lynched man from the oak, maple or the sycamore tree.

Here then is the black body in the landscape, the black body in a terrifying relation to Nature, here then also a vision of the black American passio. I have already written about the most incredible accompanying sound byte, found in the timeless piece Strange Fruit.

These works are  respectively by american artists Tom Loftin Johnson, American Pieta (1941);  Micheal Russo late work, Black Pieta (1988);  and Renee Cox, jamaican american artist known for “flippin the script”.

The featured b/w photo above is Renee Cox’s, Yo Mama’s Pieta (1996)




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