Birthday Blogpost

Celebrating One year of regular Tuesday posts (and then some) on Nature the Arts Within, the ArtBlog.

Thanks for following, caring, listening, learning, commenting or sharing.

We need all the beauty we can get on this bitter earth.


If you are an Art therapist or an Horticultural therapist, perhaps you have become excited by the prospect of overlapping concerns and are beginning to think about how some of what I have showcased may concretely translate into methods, techniques or activities. Or just a breath of fresh air when there seems to be none.

If you are an holistic health practitioner, I hope that you have been inspired to approach some issues differently or at least to ask another set of questions in your work.

If you just like the way I navigate through culture, enjoying learning about these various artists, makers and shakers, grande!

By the way, why not drop some of them (well the live ones) a hello. And tell them how their work resonates with you.

Yours in Wellness and in Growth,