“This is not about Flowers”/Isabelle Menin

From painting flowers in her initial classic approach to rendering them with visual acuity using digital tools, Isabelle Menin, native of Brussels, has somehow reinvented the still life, nature morte or dutch-flemish pronk tradition. Classic 17th century Jan Davidz de Heems or  Rachel Ruysch florals are regularly revisited by artists using a variety of media. Christian Lacroix costume or Vivienne Westwood extravaganza come to mind alongside with other contempories in the visual arts. From textiles and drapery to photography or painting there is much to explore:  from stills of dead and rotten  perishables to the oil portraits of groceries and recyclables. Some alchemists continue distilling the floral nature morte, literally while others become arsonists and explosives specialists. There will be more posts about this in the future.

As a graphic artist, Menin is not alone, but she is certainly an eye stopper. The density, the overlapping, the high tactile textural but sometimes hesitant quality of her work are rich and seductive, like a dream. The title page of her website warns us immediately that the artist is about “inland photography and disordered landscapes”. No mucking about or putting her in any fast and sorry genre category.

You can discover more of the artist’s own stunning photography work  here.


Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 23.41.02.png