You are bananas

Conversation with a Generation Z/ iGeneration person (also commonly known as post-millennial)

igen person, ipad in hand, prodding me: “Look at this.”

blogger on ilaptop: “I’m working on something” but look anyway out of the corner of my eye. I see overripe bananas lined up on a table in a videoclip. “What are those for ?”

igen person: “Just look”

blogger watching attentively now as a hipster looking youtuber manipulates the fruit, then shock registers, followed by hilarity: “Where did you find that?”

igen person, very savvy: “This is how I found out about my headphones.”

blogger, visibly wierded out but impressed: “My blog is about plants and gardens and art, and that is so crazy, do  you want to do a guest post? You could write something up.”

igen person: “You’re so annoying.”

(That means “NO”.)

For effect, I suggest you start the clip at the 3 minute mark to skip the spoiler. 

One day I will post a series of  articles on bananas,  banana republics, banana wars and big stick ideology. The United Fruit Company and the Panama Canal are classic examples of American imperialism. And it all hinges on a little yellow nutritious favourite: the banana. 

Speaking of Ripe Bananas, you can also check this out for measure. Dr Oliver Sacks has a thing or two up his sleeve.