Altered States

This artist Ron Huxley has been altering the highly criticised DSM-III, the american diagnostic and statistical manual, the bible of psychopathology, as a creative project. And the work is phenomenal. 

It is also a necessary work of close re-reading. For while it is assumed that  task force project writers for the Bible are entirely objective, the inflation of pathologies in successive DSMs would seem to mirror the extension of big pharma’s tentacular reach. One might call the tangle conflict-of-interest- disorder. 

Hyper-Médicalisation is a problem. There are treatments, from the classic talking cure to mediating approches like équine therapy, art therapy or ecotherapy that are have demonstrably positive effects, and less negative side effects in certain domains of mental health. Attention deficit disorder, minor depression and pain regulation are certainly some example,


Altered DSM