Styling and Trending/Sessann Orne

A little colour for your spring day…

The body and our clothing are our oldest canavases. Primary, intimate close. What we do with our skin, to our skin, how we cover or disclose it, negatives and positives, light plays and colour skeins, oils, paints, feathers, flowers, fibers….

Sessann Orne,  fashionata and artist has been following trends and tendancies for decades. Her trade is trendwatching, much like the people over at Bloom and Trend Union, founded by Edelkoort

Tendenciers make it their business to relentlessly provide analysis of what the world might look like tomorrow. What ambiances will we prefer, which ones might we crave? 

Although her blogposts don’t seem  current, I invite you to discover more about this discrete craftswoman who one day desided to leave the style world for the desert. Today Orne is a leather worker and makes various accessories, reinterpreting the western ill fated encounter between the Indigenous and the Europeans. 

Orne’s blog is a look book of sorts, a series of clippings for further design thought. And her documentation while sometimes unsystematic, is preganant with ideas for anyone who works with garden design, floral couture, art collage, textile surface design and of course fashion. 

Somewhere off grid, Orne still stuns us with her finds through her blogs named cosmic dust or earth age. Photos of people in landscapes but also posts on textiles and colors, pigments and leather, plants and earth, spatial expanse and rudimentary locale. 

 I find her visual universe and her interest in tactile details inspiring. Navigating through artwork and artistic photography she distills the ambiances and textures of indoors and outdoors; habitable spaces and the liminally inhabitable; skin and clothing; accessories and necessities.