Lawrence Halprin

This celebrated Landscape architect collaborated extensively with his wife and dancer Anna Dorothy Halprin. The architect cared deeply about how people would move through a created space and how, in the process, users or visitors were recreating the space. Some of his concerns recall wayfinding and desire lines, problematics which urbanists are trained to adress. However his approach also lends itself to the ongoing discussion amongst holistic body practitioners of kinesthetic awareness. 

Inspired by his wife, the creator of Movement Ritual Exercises and the scored RSVP Cycles which would allow  non performers to invite themselves to perform,  Halprin husband developed a method of landscape drawing he called “motation”. A contraction word of motion and notation, his ‘scores’ showed how space might be choreographed for movement.

The scores are reminiscent of the partitions of John Cage. Or other composers who reinvented musical notation language to reflect their research in musical performance.