Trees in Song/Paul Robeson

The beautiful baritone voice of this multi-talented american performer, Paul Robeson (acclaimed stage and film actor, singer, football star, political activist)  interpreting a poem by Joyce Kilmer.

Robeson is remembered for his connections with the Harlem Renaissance, Oscar Micheaux’s race films and in his role as the first black to play Othello on Broadway with a supporting white cast in 1943. He is also known for his anti-lynching petition, We Charge genocide, presented to the UN in 1951, and for his pro-soviet anti-american positions which got Robeson blacklisted in the Maccarthy era.


Joyce Kilmer, a writer who died on the Marne in WWI, while in his early thirties, wrote the bulk of his romantic mystical poetry between 1908 and 1918. He is a mostly overlooked poet, unappreciated for his conservative rhyming schemes and subject matter in the wake of such great modernists like Ezra Pound or the Wasteland’s Eliot.