Francis Alys/ Walking on land

According to psychogeographer Francis Alys, most people walk through their environements in a state of disengagement.  

If at any point, like the flaneur of the 19th century, one stops to engage in spectatorship, its merely testament to the fact that what we are really doing is waiting for an accident to occur. We are waiting for someting story-worthy. And so walkabouts are not far from narrative…but then the aboriginals of Australia already knew that.

There is a long history of Walking and Artistry. From the pilgrims of Compostelle to dérive of the Situationists; from the escapist tactics of survival that refugees on foot must invent to the demonstrations of social justice defenders, equally creative in the approach to walking. 

As artist, Alys is not alone but comes out of a tradition of happening and performance work that recalls Hamish Fulton, Richard Long, or the Italian collective Stalker. 

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