Street Art, or when Nature gets ghetto

The city street is gritty, textured, filled with unpredictable substances upon which we may lay foot and eye. Pablo Delgado is a Mexican born London based artist who uses cut-out to frame wilderness in the urban landscape (a compound word or mot-valise that has shocked more than one landscape historian into waxing theoretical). You can see more pictures of the artist’s work here.

Of course Delgado is not alone in his stealthy approach to city life. There are many examples of fantasy street decor and environmental graffiti and I don’t dare begin to ennumerate them. From digger levelers to guerilla gardeners, to the work of confirmed urban land artists like Mark Pouyet,  (periodically I will post my finds).

screen-shot-2017-02-28-at-15-46-25Pictured above is an example of the interventions of a french artist who gets down and dirty in her own way. Her work is discrete and almost reserved. None of that showy extravaganza. Closer to performance art, Frederique Soulard is better known as a storyteller. Discretion was her middle name, until she fessed up to the repsonsiblity of educating the masses in botanical lore.  You can see more photos here. Noticing the roses and other dandelions growing in the concrete, this ninja artist stencils labels for the rogue and pioneering city plants. 

Another urban décoratrice, Paule Kingleur, scenographer, works with a collective of artists and the community to modify the environment. The installations reflect a fabulous sense of humour and playfulness. Possibly better know for her “clothing” of the standard street poles in plants, her website is a resource of land art inspired creations.


You can see the Swedish version here. Anonymouse is creating tiny enviromments for the little people. The collective of artists posts their work on instagram.