Floral Graffiti

Much like my previous post on urban land art or artistic horticultural interventions, the following practitioners of the necessary and irreverent are remmisniscent of the various types of guerilla gardening and urban graffiti or performance art.

On one end of the spectrum the funny urban land site art work of Michael Perversion. Very often graphically and semantically fueled like the garden approach of Scottish poet artist Ian Hamilton Finlay,  one must look closely and read, or you might miss something.
Most of the time Micheal Marque’s outdoor work is motivated by a humourous event. But his tags and traces also illustrate the need to mark ones territorial presence in the city not simply as resident , but as user, bound to a neighbourhood and to a quality of life.

Compare the outdoor urban art to that of this 86 year old retired school teacher who fights for peace with green plants, Serge Levillayer leaves seeds and treasures of seeds wherever he goes. Very much in the lineage of the classic urban guérilla gardener, he is ever at work. In the cracks in the walls in the cracks in the concrete, always ready to embellish his Normandy town. You can see him at work in this short television interview,  Video clip. (In french) 

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 16.10.22.png