Dumbarton Oaks

The beginning of the year usually spells out: clearing away clutter. I don’t get as far as I like because there is too much to do generally but I have learned to revise my objectives. Annually I am satisfied with tidying up loose ends and getting through a few stacks of papers and semi-discarded bits and pieces.

This is how I came across a box of photocopies of articles from my days in graduate school. What a lovely treasure trove. And what an opportunity to be reminded that the quality and calibre of some publications is consistently first class.

The Dumbarton Oaks Colloquium on History and Landscape is just one such publication. The intellectual expression of sound research and a challenging matérialisation of the Garden and Landscape Studies Programme the papers found in these volumes are stimulating and exciting.

You can read about the first one in 1971 here. And then I suggest going to your local academic library to peruse back issues.